11/6/2024 For T3 Pro New Firmware Beta Test Available: Public Beta Version 0.2.15(Beta)

Key Updates in Firmware 0.2.15:

  • Added a light sensor switch, which allows users to disable the automatic brightness adjustment. Once disabled, users can manually set and memorize the brightness levels for both day and night.
  • Optimized the brightness adjustment strategy under direct sunlight to prevent misjudgments.
  • Improved AA voice assistant by modifying the audio output mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Android Auto night mode did not activate in the previous version 0.2.14.

This is a beta version open for public testing.

Firmware download link: Download Beta Firmware 0.2.15


9/5/2024 For T3 Pro New Firmware Update Available: Stable Version 0.2.12

Important Update for Daylight Saving Time Synchronization Issue:

This firmware update addresses the issue where T3 Pro devices do not correctly synchronize time during Daylight Saving Time.

This is a stable version now available for download.

Firmware download link: Download Firmware 0.2.12


17/4/2024 For T3 Pro New Firmware Update Available: Version 0.2.11

Special firmware for Android Auto:

(It is not recommended for users with iPhones to update to this version)

This firmware update fixes an issue with Android Auto where day and night modes did not automatically switch.

Download the latest firmware update for enhanced functionality and improved user experience:

Firmware download link: Download Firmware 0.2.11


For T3 pro purchased after March 2024, there is no need to update the firmware listed below

4/2/2024 CarpodGo T3 & T3 Pro

This firmware update optimizations for Android Auto, featuring larger fonts and smoother performance.

Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth update process:
Check your current firmware version in the CarpodGo settings.

1. If your version is 0.1.X or below, upgrade to 0.1.4.

Firmware download link: Download Firmware 0.1.4


2. If your version is 0.2.X, upgrade to 0.2.9.

Firmware download link: Download Firmware 0.2.9


3. If your version is 3.0.X, upgrade to 3.0.9.

Firmware download link: Download Firmware 3.0.9

Update Steps:
1. Locate the card reader included in our accessories pack and prepare a memory card (a Type-C OTG data cable can also be used as an alternative).
2. Insert the memory card into the card reader, then plug it into a computer to format the memory card to FAT32.
3. Extract the firmware package to find 3 files (.DS_store is an invalid file and can be deleted). Copy these files to the empty memory card.