About Us

CarpodGo has consistently been devoted to providing high-end IoT mobile vehicular connectivity devices for the global luxury market. As an innovative technology company with a user-centric approach, CarpodGo is committed to understanding and addressing customer needs, aiming to enhance the convenience, comfort, and intelligence of the driving experience.


Felix, the founder of CarpodGo, has been an influential figure in the field, serving as a five-year moderator of the CarPlay forum and co-founder of the XieJia Car Machine. He has successfully launched multiple popular products in the Linux car machine CarPlay display market. Leveraging his profound industry insights and vision for the future, Felix established CarpodGo to craft a high-end brand in mobile vehicular connectivity.


Since the popularization of wireless CarPlay technology in the automotive aftermarket in 2019, Felix has been a pioneer in the field, evolving the hardware from 2.4G Wi-Fi wireless CarPlay devices to advanced 5.8G dual-band Wi-Fi solutions. In 2021, he introduced the T2 portable CarPlay screen, targeting the portable screen market.


The T2 is the world's first CarPlay screen to support dual Bluetooth. Operating on an embedded Linux system, it enables audio transmission to vehicles via Bluetooth and supports multifunction steering wheel controls for volume adjustment and track changes, providing an exceptional sound quality and CarPlay interaction experience.


(Watch the T2 Experience Video - 2021 YouTube)


In 2023, the T3 system, developed with an ARM architecture embedded Linux system, featured a dual-core CPU and a fully laminated screen. It introduced the innovative Dual BT (Display only) mode on top of the dual Bluetooth connection, solving the original car Bluetooth compatibility issues. It fully supports multifunction steering wheel buttons and integrates the original car microphone for phone calls and Siri voice commands. After more than a year of meticulous design and development, the T3 and T3pro were launched in June 2023, delivering an ultimate vehicular connectivity experience.


During its focus on CarPlay products, CarpodGo also established collaborations with renowned enterprises, contributing to the development of vehicular electronic products.

As an innovation and user experience-focused brand, the T3 series has gained increasing global recognition. Its user base includes numerous automotive product managers and designers, such as industrial and UI designers, whose valuable feedback has driven rapid product iteration and optimization. This has led to a peak in performance and aesthetic experience, for which we are deeply grateful to our users.


Our team, composed of members from diverse backgrounds and expertise, is dedicated to creating the ultimate products for enthusiasts. With our continuous innovation, CarpodGo will further delve into the vehicular connectivity field, developing more innovative and high-performance products for tech enthusiasts.