2024 CarpodGo T3 Pro 60FPS Carplay / Android Auto-Anzeigebildschirm

Angebot$249.90 Regulärer Preis$349.00
Spare $99.10

Ihr Fahrzeugmodell: Standardmodelle
Fügen Sie eine Rückfahrkamera hinzu: Nicht benötigt
Das Audio-Interface Ihres Autos: Bluetooth verfügbar

Purchase Information:

  • Bluetooth Experience: If your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth, using the T3 Pro will provide the best experience.
  • Non-Bluetooth Vehicles: If your vehicle does not have Bluetooth, please fill in the options above truthfully. We will provide the necessary accessories (e.g., FM or AUX to Bluetooth receiver) based on your situation.
  • Notice for Customers in Japan: For smoother order processing, please provide your name and address information in Japanese.
  • Order Processing: After you place your order, we will ship it within 1-5 days. For shipping duration details, please click on Shipping Timelines.
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